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Welcome! the personal web pages of Patti Stoll....

I live and work in the Pacific Northwest. I have been an artist for most of my adult life, but only recently "went professional".  For years I did business under the name Circle of Herbs and was selling plants, jams and jellies, and dried herbal products. 

Currently, I am a polymer clay artist, specializing in collectible art eggs and miniature garden art and I also grow and sell some very cool plants!

I welcome you to my website, which offers links to a photo gallery of my work, my local teaching schedule, and my online store.  I also have links to other subjects, such as my family's genealogy research.  I hope you find it interesting. Please email me if you have any comments.

Thank you for visiting!
Patti Stoll


Visit -the online store for Patti Stoll, polymer and metal clay artist

Collectible art eggs, beads, silver (PMC3), copper and bronze metal clay items, art jewelry and many other one-of-a kind items by the artist.
Our Local Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula Clayers

West Sound Polymer Clay Group

We get together for great clay play days!

 Polymer Clay Classes!

I teach both beginner and intermediate Polymer Clay techniques for local residents of Kitsap and Jefferson County (my studio is located centrally for both counties.)

Watch this section for the Class Dates Schedule, Coming Soon!  OR
Send me an email to request that you be added to my Class Announcement List.

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Polymer Clay Gallery


Eureka!  As of November, 2012, my complete portfolio of work, from 2000 to 2010 is together in one place!  This includes my complete line of embellishments, as well as all art eggs, beads, jewelry and other work.   Please visit my new Portfolio-Gallery to browse!

Polymer Clay Portfolio - click here!


You may also visit these pages to see pictures of my older  work!

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Collectible Egg Art

Polymer Clay Information and Tutorials

Garden and Nature Photography
Warning - Large Pictures...may be slow loading!

Genealogy Pages
Family Surnames
Kutz, Heinisch, Williams, Jagger, Holland, Christiansen (Hammer),  Stoll, Syzdek, Stanton, Wrobel

Zee Cats
 Pictures of my purrfect friends!

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The Tsunami Vase

Polymer clay for a cause!


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