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Polymer Clay - Art For a Cause
The Tsunami Vase

On December 26, 2004, we all remember how horrified we were at hearing the news pour in about the massive death and damage from the Tsunami in Southeast Asia and Indian Ocean countries.

I was inspired to create something for the purpose of raising money for helping the children victims.

This is the vase that I came from "my muse" and I was honored and gratified that it sold on eBay for $273.00, most of which went to UNICEF for the tsunami victims.

The wonderful lady that made this possible by her generous purchase has become a friend and is a joy to communicate with.  Thank you, Alice!





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Selling polymer clay collectible eggs, beads, jewelry and many other one-of-a kind items by the artist.

Summer 2005:  Inspired by a magazine article, I used the Tsunami Vase mosaic concept of water and combined it with a clay mixture that contains sand from the Great Oregon Dunes*, to create the above beads. 

*This is the same mixture I used for my Sandstone Alphabet Set while doing polymer clay embellishments.

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